News story: US Air Force award for MOD employee

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 9, 2013.

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  2. Driving instructor is working as a driving instructor... now that is news. Thanks.
  3. Well it is a US award- probably dished out with the cookies and coffee ( Yank for tea and biscuits). I was more concerned with why they keep him in a little tin box when he's not instructing!
  4. So he gets a Medal of Honour? Silver Star? No..?
  5. "2012 United States Air Force Transportation Civilian Technician of the Year"

    I don't know what the physical award is but the engraving must have cost a fortune.

    "vehicle operator apprentice" - I take it that's a learner driver?
  6. Piece of piss. I had a military license (Army) that was good for vehicles up to and including M60 MBT and a lot of these vehicles I learned on had good old fashioned monkey model standard transmissions. Can't think why these hothouse flowers in the Chair Force are having such trouble mastering the skills needed to use a clutch and gear shift lever, etc. Kudos to the TA sergeant in attempting to teach those young 'uns how it was done back in the day.
  7. Well, unlike so many on here who are constantly looking for 'respect and recognition' for having served, this guy was given the award without asking.

    I suppose by extension of the above logic that it would make an ATO / squaddy etc getting a gong for 'doing his job' all wrong would it ? .......... why get all bent out of shape over people getting recognised for doing their jobs well ? Someone get overlooked a few times did they ? Feel their good work wasn't properly celebrated ? ;-)

    Some people are just too bored and too bitter . Just because Americans tend to like wearing their life story on their uniforms or telling you all about themselves the minute you first meet them doesn't make it wrong. Just they have a different culture to us.
  8. Yes, yes, maybe so but we are actually taking the piss. It's what soldiers do. Even old has beens like me find the habit hard to break. Don't stress mate it's all good. I agree yanks wear a lot of bling and its just the way they are, I can live with that.