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News story: Unknown warrior from World War 1 given final resting place

An appropriate place for this:

The 'solider' (sic) was chosen, not for his anonymity or nondescription, but, because "Curator Justin Saddington’s research into the selection process on which body was chosen to be buried among kings at Westminster has suggested the focus of those involved was to secure a “British” body."

“There is the initial planning of the Committee, which refers only to a British fighting man. Then it’s carried out by the army in France. At all levels Indian and Dominion soldiers appear to be excluded.”


He has suggested that the use of the word British could have been seen as encompassing the whole Empire, which could account for this exclusion in the records, but such a term would not fit for all soldiers."

I don't know quite how enormously I should be offended. I am, though.

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