News story: UK welcomes new peace agreement for eastern DRC

Ministry of Defence said:
The Peace and Security Co-operation Framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was signed in Addis Ababa today, commenting on the agreement Mark Simmonds, the Minister for Africa said:
I welcome the new peace agreement to help cement stability in eastern DRC which was signed today. To end this cycle of violence we need a lasting solution and I welcome the strategic review of the UN Peacekeeping Mission, MONUSCO, and the commitment to security sector reform.
This agreement offers real hope to the people of the region for a secure, stable and economically sound future. The UK is committed to playing a positive role in its implementation. We will work closely with countries involved, with the UN Special Envoy once appointed, and through the Security Council to ensure that all parties deliver on their commitments in pursuit of a sustainable peace and a more prosperous future.
[h=4]Further Information[/h]More information about the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC.
Read the UN Secretary-General’s remarks about the Peace and Security Co-operation Framework.


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