News story: UK troops conduct joint exercise in Poland

The King’s Royal Hussars Battlegroup is taking part in Exercise Black Eagle in the Zagan Training area in south-west Poland. The exercise is under the command of the 10th Polish Armoured Cavalry Brigade and UK troops are working alongside the 1st Polish Tank Battalion.

The exercise, which will include live-firing, is designed to help the two Armed Forces operate more effectively with each other.

Exercise Black Eagle is a also a demonstration of the UK’s support to NATO reassurance measures, which includes:

  • deployment of RAF Typhoon aircraft to the Baltic air policing mission
  • deployment of HMS Montrose off the Danish coast for the multi-national Baltic operations exercise in June.

Further NATO deployments are expected to take place over the next 2 years.


A column of Warrior Armoured fighting vehicles move through an autumnal forest track in Poland [Picture: Staff Sergeant Mark Nesbit RLC Crown copyright]

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

Exercise Black Eagle has been a great success on several fronts. It has proved that the Army has the agility needed to cope with the demands of the 21st century.

It clearly demonstrates the strength of our relationship with the Polish Armed Forces. And it is a clear signal to our allies in NATO that we stand up to our obligations and will continue to do so.

Exercise Black Eagle is an example of the new configuration of the Army after Army 2020. While Defence Engagement, capacity building with partners and the provision of resilience within the UK are important aspects of the Army’s role, war-fighting capability will continue to be the Army’s core-business.

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Book Reviewer
I was watching movement of tanks across the sandy soil. Driver explained how easy it was to throw a track.

I thought to myself how the soil and the trees reminded me of the documentaries that went out a few years ago about Stalag Luft 3, Great Escape, Tom, Dick and Harry.

Then I see this was Zagan Training Area. I am pretty sure Zagan is the Polish spelling of Sagan, location of Stalag Luft 3.


Book Reviewer
It is. In fact the Zagan museum has a model of Stalag Luft 3. I know this because I googled Zagan about 5 minutes ago...

PS. The Z has a dot on it. That means its pronounced Jagan.
Putin will be cr@pping himself at this show of force!

Oh, no that's right p!ssing himself with laughter, that's what I meant