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News story: UK supports OSCE work with police in Kyrgyzstan

Ministry of Defence said:
The project, called the Community Security Initiative, works to improve relations between the police and the communities they serve and improve the police’s respect for internationally recognised human rights standards.
This is a second tranche of funding following our contribution last year of £200,000 towards the successful first phase of the project. Over the past year, the project has enabled the police to be more visible in 11 multi-ethnic communities, whether in renovated Local Crime Prevention Centres that are open for locals to raise their concerns or new Mobile Police Receptions that allow the police to reach communities even in the most remote of areas. Dedicated, regular meetings between the police and the communities they serve have generated more co-operation on common issues faced, such as juvenile delinquency, petty crime and community safety. Human rights advisors have been helping the police set up innovative ways to protect human rights: from simple complaints boxes to surveillance cameras inside pre-detention centres that help prevent potential human rights abuses.
The new funds are in support of a new plan of action approved by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Interior that builds on these successes.


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