News story: UK residency rules for Armed Forces recruits

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 12, 2013.

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  2. I have been following this, and have no problem in principle with this return to the pre-1998 position.

    That sentence could be made clearer by inserting "or" before "from the Republic of Ireland".

    I will be interested to learn what stage in the recruitment process has to have been reached to be regarded as already "on recruitment" in order to be exempted from the change. As only a finite number of people is involved, I believe that if anything we should err on the side of generosity on that particular point.
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  3. at least someone up there listened to my suggestion on limiting commonwealth soldiers being recruited over natural residency. Its only fair to the lads being mad redundant.
  4. Bathwater, Baby...
  5. See other thread
  6. ??? I'm not sure I follow your logic. The Services will constantly need fresh recruits (albeit at slightly reduced numbers) but how will restricting F&C have any impact on those made (mad?) redundant?
  7. Davethe clown is actually a genuine clown. Hope this helps.
  8. hey guys,

    I am new to arrse and i am just trying to understand this new residency requirement.

    I keep seeing that this applies commonwealth applicants. I am a British Citizen born and raised, living in Northern Ireland until 2009. I am now in Canada but I am looking to come home and I was looking to apply however I am trying to figure out if this new rule applies to me too.

  9. No, as far as your nationality is concerned but you would need to check the clause for residency in the UK for UK Nationals. As you are resident in Canada the reason for your residence becomes a factor. If it is for reasons such as education or your parent's employment then that may be acceptable otherwise you may need to return to the UK for 3 years before applying.

    You could consider applying for Canadian citizenship and joining over there, it may be quicker.
  10. You wouod think that the army would want to take the best they possibly can. If they required the commonwealth citizens to meet higher fitness levels or education levels would be a better deal.
    Why give up a really fit, comitted, perfect recruit that is an ozzy or kiwi, for a not so good british or irish one.
  11. Because the Kiwis and Aussies have their own Armies? Just chucking that out there.
  12. Yes but I can see why a Kiwi would be keen to join the British Army though, as under resourced as it may seem, it's a million time better than what NZ has got and the opportunities one could get in the British Army are much much greater.
  13. Looking at the army website under "nationality and residency" it says British citizens can apply-nothing about residency. The residency only comes into play for citizens of a commonwealth country.

    I have sent an email to recruitment in hopes of clearing this up.

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  14. So why is that the British Army's problem? I can see why all the romanians etc want to come to the UK as well, but it doesn't mean we should let them in and give them all the money
  15. Didn't say it was there problem, said I can see why they would want to, and obviously until these cut backs it's been a good thing.
    Not really the same thing, Romanians wanting to come and dole bludge and get handouts, and Commonwealth wanting to serve the United Kingdom as well as effectively serve their home country too.