News story: UK military personnel mark anniversary of Queen's accession

Ministry of Defence said:
Princess Elizabeth acceded to the throne as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 6 February 1952 and was crowned on 2 June 1953.
In London’s Green Park, soldiers from the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery fired blank artillery rounds from 6 guns at ten-second intervals until 41 shots had been fired.
71 horses pulled the 6 First World War-era 13-pounder field guns to the park for the royal salute from their base in Wellington Barracks. Music was provided by the Band of the Royal Artillery prior to the salute.
In Scotland, gunners from 105 Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) fired a 21-gun royal salute at Edinburgh Castle.

Gunners from 105th Regiment Royal Artillery (Volunteers) firing a 21-gun royal salute at Edinburgh Castle [Picture: Mark Owens, Crown Copyright/MOD 2013]Commanding Officer of 105 Regiment Royal Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel James Cook, said:
The regiment is honoured to fire the royal salute at Edinburgh Castle to commemorate the accession of Her Majesty The Queen.
The royal salute provides a great occasion for the gunners to display their professionalism and pride in conducting such an honour in Scotland’s capital city.
In Plymouth, the Royal Navy marked the anniversary by flying pennants along the length of HMS Bulwark, in a tradition known as ‘dressed overall’.
The amphibious command and control ship, which can carry tanks and troops to land ashore, flew the flags from bow to stern for the duration of the day.
The Queen, as Sovereign, is Head of the Armed Forces and is the only person able to officially declare war and peace.

Interesting how "celebrating" or "marking an occasion" generally means a lot of extra work at the lower end of the chain of command.

One for the gun bunnies. How long does it take to clean a 105 after firing blank?


I've never understood why they fire blanks and elevate the guns, surely the odd barrage would do Edinborough the world of good!
I celebrated it today, by turning up for work, doing said work, having a brew, bacon and egg bap in the mess, read the paper, had another brew, did my usual stream of work, worked through lunch which I ate at my desk, worked, knocked guys off for PT, worked, and now I'm going to finish my celebrations by knocking off for a run before going home for dinner. Just like every single working day. Hurrah!

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