News story: UK hosts largest European military graduation parade

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 19, 2013.

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  2. Bottom photo, the signals WO1 has a twisted lanyard, scandalous; I expect better from my old corps. Jacket sleeves creased & a pissed belt. If I'd gone on parade like that when I was in Phase 1 - I'd still be in jail.............

    For shame sir, for shame.
  3. I'm surprised that you didn't say that there's shit on the end of his stick...
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  4. They'll finish their training just in time to:

    a. Find that their intended Regt or Corps has been disbanded or amalgamated.
    b. Receive their redundancy notices.
    c. Set off on another foreign adventure in Syria/Egypt/some other shitty part of the 3rd World* where British politicians want to big themselves up.


    *delete as applicable
  5. ...and there's an example of where the Army could make savings at no cost. Scrap FAD and its equivalents. All it takes is a directive that allows medals to be worn on PCS. Saves manufacture, transport, tailoring, storage, replacement, cleaning...

    Well done to the kids, though.
  6. What's with the comedy parade 'Stache? :? Well done to the lads and lasses however. :-D

    Comedy Parade Stache.jpg
  7. Errrr, no thanks, they'd end up resembling the TA.
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  8. Give them 5 years and that's where they'll be anyway.
  9. Not sure about scrapping No 2 Dress completely, it's always good to have some sort of smart dress.

    What I don't understand is where the need for FAD came from. In all the years prior to the introduction of FAD, not once did I hear anyone - ever - say "Look at my No 2 Dress. I wish it was a slightly lighter shade of khaki, had different cuffs and was made out of a slightly wanker material!"

    The whole saga is reminiscent of the "Red Dwarf" Ocean Grey/Battleship Grey scene:

    A pointless change foisted on the Army for no real reason. It seems like some Senior Officer somewhere looked jealously at the rollout of PCS, and wished he could make a name for himself by doing the same for parade dress.

    Unfortunately, it's made us look like a crappy brown version of the RAF.

    Still, very well done the kids passing out today.
  10. Yes, making the entire Army look like a total bag of shit like the TA do on most formal events is definitely worth the fairly tiny cost of FAD.
  11. It's still a lot of money out of the public purse for a uniform that's rarely worn outside a barracks and even then by only a few. Discounting events where it has to be worn to allow medals to be paraded, that only leaves Wimbledon, doesn't it? Hardly a justification for equipping the entire Army with the stuff.
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  12. By your reasoning, the entire Army looks a total bag of shit except on the rare occasions when FAD is worn?
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  13. They do. It just doesn't matter when you're sleeping off a hangover in the back of a 43 or sweeping a World War 2 bomber hangar yet again. When you're marching through the local town centre on Remembrance Day it does matter and the TA look like a complete bag of shite in combats and medals on 'formal' parades.
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  14. I can't say I agree. Having been unfortunate enough to partake in a military funeral of a soldier, the sight of the deceased's friends resplendent in uniform, unashamedly military and proud (as he was) was enough of a justification for me. It just would not have been the same in PCS.

    There are other occasions too, I am sure.

    We're the military, we sometimes do things that seem odd to outsiders. But it's all for a good reason.

    If only there was a financial value on "pride", that would make this argument much easier :)
  15. FAD - the clue is in the acronym. There was nothing wrong with the old 2s whatsoever until someone had an idea. Every army should have a dress uniform of some sort - otherwise we'd look like the Hutu Militia (but without the wellies and lifejackets).