News story: UK Calls for a robust Arms Trade Treaty

Ministry of Defence said:
The unregulated trade in conventional arms undermines peace, reconstruction, stability and human rights, and the violence resulting from the illicit trade destroys lives and livelihoods, displaces communities and hampers social and economic development. There is currently no international instrument that regulates the conventional arms trade. An Arms Trade Treaty would close the gaps and inconsistencies that exist between the current range of national and regional arms export control systems
The final negotiating conference on the Arms Trade Treaty is fast approaching. In two weeks time the UK will be in New York, making every effort to secure a robust, legally binding ATT that will save lives, reduce human suffering and bring consistency to the global trade in conventional arms.
As a Co-Author of the Treaty the UK has for a long time been at the forefront of the negotiations and efforts to achieve a strong Treaty that can be universally adopted and implemented.
Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt attended the previous diplomatic conference last July and will be there again in two weeks time to lobby for the strongest possible Treaty with the broadest possible support.
This Thursday 7 March 2013 he will take your questions on the Treaty via Twitter. Post your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #askFCO. Minister Burt will spend half an hour answering your questions from 16:30-17:00 GMT.
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