News story: UK armoured vehicles arrive in Oman ahead of Exercise Saif Sareea 3


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Do we know what the full list of participating units and capabilities will be? In 2001 the exercise involved pretty much every capability we had except the SSBNs.

At least this makes the point that heavy metal goes by sea.

From Jane's back in January, as per my post in the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces thread.

'Saif Sareea 3' to see 4,500 UK military personnel exercise with Omani forces | Jane's 360

CR2s no doubt following in either the second vessel or a charter.
No Ajax in service yet then? I thought the first lot were meant to be coming in this year. Then again under the current system it will probably take about 2 years to get anyone qualified to drive it....


I moved seamlessly from SAIF SAREEA 2 to Afghanistan via a quick dash back to Lyneham for some clean socks. I'm hoping not to repeat the experience this time round.

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You’ll probably go via Brize instead.

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