News story: Third Joint Strike Fighter for the UK arrives

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 27, 2013.

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  2. Wow! Three of them now! We're a world player!
  3. Makes you proud don't it .

    Hopefully an adult can answer but why are Ryan Air Force involved with this carrier aircraft?
  4. My stiff upper lip is in danger of quivering. Excuse me while I offer a quick chorus of, 'Land of Hope and Glory' won't you?
  5. Three was good enough for Malta!
  6. Ha, Faith Hope and Charity, sounds like MOD procurement
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  7. That's the fly past in a V formation sorted then.
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  8. At this rate there'll be a squadron of the things by about the year 2030. Except for the weapons, obviously.
  9. Are we going to get one of these stories every time one of these things rolls of production?

    MoD News must be one of the easiest cut and paste jobs there is.
  10. Because the Navy would declare that they can't afford to fly them, flog them on ebay and buy more boats with the proceeds :)
  11. If "Joint" Force Lightning goes anything like "Joint" Force Harrier then the RAF will end up footing 75% of the manning bill, all of the real estate and supporting functions, and most of the training (stand fast the two instructors the RN used to wheel out for the cameras at every available opportunity).

    But, they're REALLY contributing to Afghanistan, RIGHT.........???? Or else I'll go and tell Admiral Horatio Bum-Fiddler III........
  12. Ah got ya thanks . Didn't know it was Joint though, do the Crabs get the supersonic "better" version then and not the make do ****about RN version .