News story: The end of an era: RAF Tornado returns from operations for the last time

Entered service after me and retired before me, pah no staying power.

Will still give them a wave tomorrow though.


Saw them pass over the Mira Proving Ground today (formerly RAF Lindley, a bomber airfield in WW2) presumably on their way across to the National Memorial Arboretum.
Sixty years to the day since I joined RAF. 1315 a flypast, forty years service. Think back forty years from '79 and biplanes still served.
Thanks to all the Tonka crews who serviced and armed them.
Oh and drivers n mate.

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I know this is slightly off topic but this is the first tornado post I came across.. if there’s a better thread please post a link! But without giving out too much personal info, I came home this evening to find That they are erecting a tornado at what was “RAF sealand”.. spoke to a bloke from the RAF and it’s going to be a permanent thing on site now. So if anyone isn’t too far from sealand you’ll be able to see it up close!

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