News story: TA LIVE campaign launched

Ministry of Defence said:
TA LIVE is a series of TV adverts which will be broadcast live from operations from tomorrow, 16 February. The adverts, which will air on ITV1, will show Territorial Army soldiers trained and ready to serve alongside the Regular Army.
During his appearance on Daybreak, Major General Munro explained:
The adverts will deliberately steer away from the ‘lock and load’, ‘up and at ‘em’ scenarios. We plan to show ordinary people doing extraordinary things, working comfortably alongside the regulars to deliver an output in very, very challenging circumstances.
Whether at home or abroad, the TA exists to support and serve alongside the Regular Army and offers a huge choice of roles: from drivers to doctors and infantry to intelligence.
Joining the TA has many benefits such as being paid to train, opportunities to gain vocational qualifications and taking part in adventurous training activities. Territorial soldiers train in their spare time so that they’re ready to serve alongside the regulars when required.
The UK’s Reserve Forces are a vital component of our Armed Forces; contributing to the public good we call defence. They have made, and continue to make, a significant contribution to the nation’s defence and security.
Over the next decade, as defence transforms to meet future and uncertain challenges, so the importance of our Reserve Forces will increase and the way we organise and use them will change.
The series of TA LIVE adverts will be broadcast on ITV1 throughout the day on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 of February, and the following weekend 23 to 24 February.



Cart: TA Live. No doubt it willbe a well thought out, informative and effective advertising campaign thus proving that recent abortions were just an anomaly.

Horse: Efficient, quick and painless recruit application and selection procedures in place to make sure that we capture all suitable applicants following a well thought out, informative and effective recruiting campaign.

Shame we were not able to sequence tasks in the appropriate order.

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