News story: Syria: UK to put forward United Nations Security Council resolution

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 28, 2013.

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  2. ...And who will Veto it !
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  3. I'll have a fiver on the Chogues and Ivan please Desktop...
  4. Acording to Sky News analysis, Russia and China won't stand aside this time because the R2P Brigade went a bit far in Libya.
  5. Still unable to get my head around this one.

    - No 100% proof the winning side gassed their own people.
    - The rebels are Al Qaeda backed
    - There's nothing learnt from Libya
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  6. Shall we just sit this one out? After all, its no like innocent people are being gassed.
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  7. It's a civil war, and like I said "No 100% proof the winning side gassed their own people."
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  8. How about we commit to being the 23rd nation to supply troops/weapons? No shirking on our part, it just ensures that we're taking action which has some form of consensus if not an actual legal mandate.
  9. Don't you watch the news? It's all about protecting the civilians
  10. Protecting them from being gassed by proactively blowing them up?

    Cameron should be canonised.
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  11. There is obviously another agenda behind this. They are using any excuse/propaganda to start another War! This whole situation reminds me of the time where the Nazis faked an attack by 'Poles' known as The Gleiwitz incident or Operation Himmler on a German radio station intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland. Sounds all familiar doesn't it?
  12. Tinfoil hat - RationalWiki

    Tinfoil hat ON
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  13. Why does the UK have to put the resolution forward? We are only one of the "Big 5" cant the others step up or are we to take the blame and world hatred for this one as well.
  14. I wonder how many Poles had these hats in 1939 or Iraq people in 2003 with their WMDs?

    It's not exactly a theory of alien abduction, or evidence of a vapour-based deity.
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