News story: Syria: Nick Clegg's call with Vice President Biden

Ministry of Defence said:
A spokesperson for the Deputy Prime Minister said:
The Deputy Prime Minister and the Vice President spoke today [27 August] by phone to discuss their grave concern about the reported use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against civilians near Damascus on Wednesday, August 21.
The United Kingdom and the United States strongly oppose the use of chemical weapons, and the Deputy Prime Minister and the Vice President pledged to continue to consult closely on potential responses by the international community.

Empty Suit speaks to Empty Suit to give them some pretend-gravitas whilst grownups decide to fight another illegal war for the benefit of Al-Quaida.

Bin Laden must be laughing in his watery grave, loud enough to frighten his 72 virgin mermaids.
Better than when John Prescott was Deputy PM. Every time he spoke with the VP, the VPs office called the British Embassy for a translation of what was said.

Our man in Washington described Prescott as a "Pygmy among the Massai warriors of the washington beltway"

Apparently he used to get quite nasty with people he felt hadn't shown him enough respect.

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