News story: Syria crisis: Latest updates on UK aid

Ministry of Defence said:
Updated: Updated on 18 April 2013 with new latest factsheet
The crisis in Syria is gravely concerning. Hundreds of people are being killed or wounded every day and millions have been forced to flee.
Britain was one of the first to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria, providing vital food, medical care, shelter and other essential support to over a hundred thousand people affected by the fighting in the country and to refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.
[h=3]How you can help: Disasters Emergency Committee Syria Crisis Appeal[/h]Responding to the launch of the DEC Syria Crisis Appeal, International Development Secretary, Justine Greening said:
“We welcome the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal to do more for people in desperate need. This conflict continues to cause appalling suffering. Over four million people in Syria are in urgent need of assistance and a million refugees need humanitarian support.
“The British Government has led the international response with medical help, food, shelter and clean water but more needs to be done. Other donors must honour their funding promises and it is time that all parties to the conflict allow humanitarian access to all areas of Syria.”
Donate to the DEC Syria Crisis Appeal
[h=3]How the UK has helped[/h]In Syria, UK aid has already delivered:

  • over 600,000 food packages, which have fed over 120,000 people per month
  • more than 80,000 medical consultations
  • 16,000 relief packages, including items such as blankets and warm clothing
In neighbouring countries, British support is providing:

  • clean drinking water for more than 45,000 refugees, and food for more than 21000
  • education for around 1,000 children
  • clinical care and counselling for nearly 13,000 refugees, including those who have experienced trauma or sexual assault
The UK remains at the forefront of international efforts to support an effective response, led by the United Nations.

[h=3]Factsheet | DFID Humanitarian Aid Programme Summary: Syria and the Region (as of 18 April 2013)[/h] PDF, 179KB, 3 pages
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[h=3]Views from the field[/h]Hear from our staff working on the ground to help coordinate UK aid
Eyewitness: “Over half a million refugees need assistance” (Dec 2012)
Philip Upson reports from Syrian refugee camps in Turkey where the onset of winter is making life harder for the tens of thousands who have fled the violence.
In pictures: How the UK is helping meet humanitarian needs in the region
Podcast: Our humanitarian adviser Liz Hughes in Jordan (Nov 2012)
Podcast: Aid expert Neil Barry reports from Syria’s border (Sept 2012)
[h=3]Facts and stats[/h]
  • 4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria
  • Over*2 million people have been driven out of their homes by the fighting
  • There are bread shortages, electricity shortages, rising food prices and a fuel crisis
  • Total UK humanitarian funding to the response is £141.1 million to date
  • Our humanitarian assistance is provided through neutral and impartial agencies and is wholly separate from UK support for the opposition.
  • All UK funding is going to humanitarian agencies with a proven ability to operate in Syria and neighbouring countries


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Why the fcuk are we been asked to clean up the mess created by Saudi Arabian AQ affiliates?

UN has just announced biggest aid mission ever to help the Syria refuges. There is only one door they should be knocking at.

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We are going to need a bit more aid money i think as the Sauds have just give $3 Billion, for weapons only, to Lebanon.

There's another ½ million refugees...

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