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News story: Syria chemical weapons attack: PM call with President Obama

Ministry of Defence said:
A Downing Street spokesperson said:
The PM spoke to President Obama last night to further discuss the serious response to last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria.
Ahead of today’s National Security Council (NSC), it was an opportunity for the PM to hear the latest US thinking on the issue and to set out the options being considered by the government.
Both leaders agreed that all the information available confirmed a chemical weapons attack had taken place, noting that even the Iranian President and Syrian regime had conceded this. And they both agreed they were in no doubt that the Assad regime was responsible. Regime forces were carrying out a military operation to regain that area from the opposition at the time; and there is no evidence that the opposition has the capability to deliver such a chemical weapons attack.
The PM confirmed that the government had not yet taken a decision on the specific nature of our response, but that it would be legal and specific to the chemical weapons attack.

"They both agreed they were in no doubt that the Assad regime was responsible."

Did God tell them or do they actually have some hard evidence this time?

Be nice to know before they start another cock up of a war.

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