News story: Supporting injured troops on the battlefield

Inova Design Solutions Ltd is working with the Centre for Defence Enterprise on 2 projects to support injured troops on the front line.

The Guildford and London-based company is developing a non-invasive way of continuously monitoring someone’s core body temperature. An initial contract was for a proof-of-concept prototype to show how this could be done alongside existing military equipment. The prototype is now being further developed for field trials and commercialisation.

The second project, which has just begun, will build upon this platform technology and look at ways to measure additional vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure.

Leon Marsh, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Inova Design Solutions Ltd says:

The funding and support from two CDE contracts has helped us to prove the technical feasibility of our proprietary technology, and establish confirmation of its need by the defence community. This, in turn, is enabling us to raise additional funds and begin commercialising the technology.
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