News story: Seriously injured veterans to get financial support for life

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 14, 2013.

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  2. Theyre making a lot out of something we were entitled to anyway.
  3. so have they just renamed this or is it something they just like to re-announce every 6 months?
  4. As a wise man once said… 'Beware slimy politicians bearing gifts'

    Watch them like a hawk, as you note, they're making an awful big song and dance about giving you what you are entitled to.
    You may be the political flavour of the vote winning month currently, but so were the previous disabled veterans now getting royally shafted under PIP.

    Watch also a point raised on one of the Civilian disability forums… the Government, by setting service personnel up as a separate and 'more deserving' class of disabled, could use it as a weapon at a latter date to justify reviewing and cutting the more generous term of AFPIP when CIVPIP cuts become extremely unpopular and they play both sides off against the middle.
    'I'm sorry bloke who lost a leg in a car crash, but that Army bloke who lost his leg crashing his landie is more deserving than you'

    I wouldn't trust that 3 faced bitch McVey as far as I could throw her, and with my****ed up arms, that's **** all.
  5. It's called AFIP - Armed Forces Independent Payment. It only applies to those who were injured post 2005.

    Any injured/disabled servicepersonnel currently receive DLA. This is changing to PIP which requires assessments by ATOS - an external contractor.

    The government are simply saving money and embarrassment by introducing AFIP.
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  6. So... for a serviceman or woman: In recognition of their immense sacrifice serving their country this will ensure that they receive around £7,000 in financial support every year for the rest of their life.

    From Investor's Chronicle:

    An MP's basic salary is £65,738 gross and the pension scheme pays him a pension at age 65. If he contributes to the pension at the highest rate of 13.75 per cent of salary (£9,038.97), he gets a pension of more than £13,000 after just eight years of being an MP. Importantly, this is an inflation-protected pension that pays a 50 per cent spouse's pension in the event of the MP dying.

    The politician will still get a lot more simply for keeping his/her snout in the trough...although they may throw the proles a bone occasionally.

    We really are overdue for a the barricades!


  7. Rodders, old chap. Don't go all Daily Wail on us. This is on top of any award from the compo scheme etc. What it does do is mean that an ex serviceman gets his MOD medicals counted instead of having to front up to ATOS for re-assessment to get the new PIP benefit.
  8. I take it they mean 7 grand on top of the GIP injured veterans receive as part of the AFCS?
  9. Sweet,hopefully that means that pax will be awarded DLA indefinatly instead of this 1 or 2 year pish.
  10. The one positive thing about AFIP is that injured soldiers can pursue a life that involves overcoming their disabilities through sport or AT, without being punished for it with the removal of benefits.