News story: Royal seal of approval for 2 Signal Regiment

Ministry of Defence said:
While in Afghanistan, 2 Signal Regiment worked at several locations within Helmand province and Kabul providing force protection as well as telecommunications, IT and secure communications.

Soldiers of 2 Signal Regiment on parade at Imphal Barracks, York [Picture: Sergeant Dan Bardsley, Crown copyright]During her visit to Imphal Barracks in York yesterday, 29 May, Princess Anne, who is Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Corps of Signals, spoke to every soldier receiving a medal before addressing the parade as a whole.
I’m delighted to join you today, to have the opportunity to recognise and thank you for your achievement,” said Her Royal Highness.
The success of those on operations would not have been possible without your hard work, and you should be proud of the way in which you have conducted yourselves.

Princess Anne pins a medal to the chest of a soldier [Picture: Sergeant Dan Bardsley, Crown copyright]Last week, 2 Signal Regiment paraded publicly through the streets of York, but yesterday’s royal visit was an opportunity to march within their own barracks in front of friends and relatives. Princess Anne praised the soldiers’ families by saying:
It is never easy to be left behind while your loved ones are away serving your country. So today we would all like to acknowledge your support, contributions and understanding.
The Commanding Officer of 2 Signal Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Colin Vaudin, said:
For 2 Signal Regiment this parade marks the end of a challenging and rewarding tour of Afghanistan.

Unit gets awarded Op Medal for doing their job on tour shocker :/

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