News story: Royal Navy receives upgraded Merlin helicopters

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 23, 2013.

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  2. Some good news at last for the RN. But the number of such helicopters must increase.
  3. Not at what each one costs they shouldn't...
  4. Ok that's your view. Have a small Navy will SSBNs that will never be used.
  5. My view was that the helicopters are too expensive and have taken too long to develop ,not that the Navy should be small.
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  6. Remind me
    Across the
    45s service ish
    23s in service
    26s which will come into service
    Amphib platforms etc
    Replenishment etc
    Future carriers... probably

    How many would we need? Allowing for in service losses?

  7. About 60 Merlin and Wildcat to cover, assuming everything is at sea, unlikely in the extreme…

    6 x DDG
    13 x FFG
    7 x RFA
    8 x CVF

    For LPA's, D's, H's and such like, you have 28 ex RAF Merlin HC4 coming on line to the FAA along with the usual AAC Wildcats, Apaches and RAF Wokkas.

    Seems plenty.
  8. Like the fact that the observers area retains tradition, good collection of flags!
  9. sqarebasher was on about this in private eye a bit back,good news for the navy,not so air force techies some of which will get the sack when the navy gets the rest.
  10. Looking at that cockpit I'm like a dog watching TV.

  11. Natural wastage will account for most, few will want to go RN and don't forget the Chinny fleet. Just guessing mind, don't know any SH dudes.