News story: Royal Marines teach reconnaissance skills to Afghan soldiers

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 19, 2013.

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  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The 12 year old boy masquerading as a captain on the right of the picture has the coolest beret. Is this the RM starting a new fashion trend? Forget the para flat cap - the full Butcher's Boy look is in.
  3. ^^^ the clue is in the small print "each marines instructor was presented with an Afghan ‘kholay’ hat and a scarf by their Afghan colleagues".
  4. I can't believe how baby faced that chap is...I must be getting older than I thought...

    young officers today...etc etc ...grumble...


  5. I don't think the Royal Marines have red trim on their pips. That captain looks more like he is wearing RMP pips.
  6. What's a "Leading Airman"?

    You'd think that at least the MoD news would be able to get people's ranks right.
  7. They look like SCOTS rank slides and I am guessing they pulled the kholay hats over to one side to look like a TOS. I am thinking it is probably one of those 'funny if you were there at the time' moments.
  8. Mattb - I think the rank is right, actually. RN rank, not RAF. Chap presumably joined as a Naval Airman, got promoted to Leading hand, and at some point retraded from, say, Aircraft Handler to Photographer. And in any case, the web team almost certainly got the details of the phot from the File Info metadata embedded by him in the jpeg: certainly would have been slack drills from him if he DIDN'T put his details there... And hopefully he does know what his own rank is :)
  9. OK, retracted!

    I stand corrected.
  10. so some of them can read a map now? fabulous, we're bang on schedule for them running everything by next year then.
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  11. Boy, boy? I thought it was a bird, very feminine features, mind you would probably go down a storm on thursays man love night with the ANA :)
  12. I thought that was an HLS.
  13. Is that afghan 40-45 years old?

    Looking closely it seems he has just won a Pepsi drinking contest, move along..
  14. At least the colonel is setting an example. Shirt smartly tucked in and sleeves rolled up nicely.

    The bloke at the back needs gripping - the brim of his kholay should be 1" above his eyebrows.

    It's nice that the Afghans have been taught map reading. Do we have a contract to supply them with maps when we pull out?
  15. Not just read a map, some of them can give grid references to EIGHT FIGURES!

    Pretty sure that if you can do that, the SAS will accept you without question.