News story: RFA Wave Knight in multi-million pound drug haul

Ministry of Defence said:
In a multi-agency operation involving UK and US assets, the fishing vessel Miss Tiffany was detected and one of Wave Knight’s boats was launched to investigate.
Soon after the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ship’s arrival, and upon hailing the vessel, the Miss Tiffany’s crew members were seen jettisoning a number of suspect packages overboard.
With multiple bales now being jettisoned by the crew and an urgent need to stop the fishing vessel, the decision was taken to immediately launch a second boat from Wave Knight to help recover the weighted bales before they sank. A total of 55 bales were eventually recovered from the sea.

The suspect vessel Miss Tiffany [Picture: Crown copyright]Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:
The work of the Royal Navy across the globe, and in particular in the Caribbean, on counter-narcotics operations is vital to protecting us here at home.
This drugs bust follows recent successful interdiction and deterrence operations by HMS Lancaster and HMS Argyll in the Caribbean which all contribute to ensuring illegal drugs do not reach our streets. I congratulate the ship’s company for their actions in this operation.
Subsequent onboard analysis strongly suggested these bales contained marijuana – a haul of some 1,300 kilograms with an estimated street value of around £6.4 million. The boarding operations, preservation of evidence and detention of seven crew members will hopefully lead to a successful prosecution in court.
Captain Chris Clarke, Commanding Officer of RFA Wave Knight, said:
The entire ship’s company – RFA civilians, US Law Enforcement Team and Royal Navy personnel alike – as well as HQ and prosecuting staff ashore - are delighted with the result.
Once again the joint multi-agency approach to counter-narcotic operations has resulted in another successful take-down.
Although the crew of Wave Knight was unable to recover all the jettisoned bales before they sank, the total disruption was estimated as being in the region of 1,800 kilograms, and an estimated street value of some £9 million. A custody crew was subsequently embarked on the Miss Tiffany which enabled the fishing vessel to be delivered to Jamaican authorities.

Bales of drugs from the suspect vessel Miss Tiffany [Picture: Crown copyright]RFA Wave Knight, a 31,500-tonne Fleet tanker - is currently deployed to the Caribbean in support of Atlantic Patrol Tasking (North) with HMS Lancaster. This is part of the UK’s year round commitment to the region in support of the Overseas Territories, Disaster Relief and Counter Narcotic Operations.
This latest success was in support of Operation Martillo - a 15-nation collaborative effort to deny transnational criminal organisations air and maritime access to the littoral regions of Central America and focus on putting a stop to the illegal movement of drugs from South America into the Caribbean and onwards to the UK.
Wave Knight has been involved in several counter drug bust operations this year with over 1 tonne of drug disruptions previously attributed to her name.

It is rather, why cant the haul be offloaded in Ibiza or some other place and sold? We could clear the national debt within a few weeks.

We did ok with the opium trade years ago