News story: Reserve soldiers recognised for Afghan tour

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 1, 2013.

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  2. Well done to all 14 for the successful completion of their op tours. I have a few stories that MOD news may be interested in using, in their quest to promote the reserves:

    "Pencilled in"

    Already the new reserve can point to a series of success stories. One TAC in Edinburgh recently unveiled the benefit of over £7.50 worth of new funding required to purchase a new set of biros for the Bn HQ. Private Snodgrass of 7 SCOTS had the following to say; "The new biros are amazing. Never again will I need to sign onto the pay sheet using a leaky blue pen, incurring the wrath of the company clerk.". The biros are fitted for but not with ink, it is hoped that funding can be found in SDSR 2015 to make this enhancement.

    "Turning them away"

    Meanwhile the effect of the new advertising campaign has meant a huge new influx of troops into the reserve. Recruitment on Monday 9th July was 1% higher than on Sunday 8th July. The Adjutant of 7 SCOTS had this to say about recruitment in his unit "People are banging down the doors of the TAC every morning. This may have something to do with the fact that we are next door to a Weatherspoons and the local tramps are rather short sighted, and aggressive at opening time, but we take it as a sign that the future of the reserves are rosy and that we can handle any task set of us. Syria here we come!"

    "World Class Training"

    Enhancements to training are a key part of bolstering the reserve. 7 SCOTS today announced that they will be holding a MATT 6, Values and Standards drill night next month. Cpl McStab had this to say "I am truly grateful to Phillip Hammond for making this training happen. Under the previous government there would have been no prospect of holding a V&S lesson in the TAC. I cannot wait to get stuck in to "C-DRILS". Assad will be quaking in his boots!"

    A MOD spokesman commented as follows: "Under Army 2020 we had to make a number of tough decisions. We do not want to pay regular soldiers to sit in their SLAM blocks playing X Box when they are not in the sandpit, therefore we will be making a lot of them redundant. Instead, we are throwing money at the reserves. Let's hope to god we never need to use them, just look at the bastards, especially the R SIGNALS (V). But they are cheap, and we have better things to spend tax payers money on, like allowing chavs to buy wide screen TVs and aggressive dogs"

    In the meantime an un named regular officer was quoted in the Daily Telegraph "The use of the TA will never work. To my knowledge none of them have gone to Afghanistan or Iraq. Furthermore they attract enemy radar and snipers."