News story: Reconnaissance force ready for Afghanistan deployment

Ministry of Defence said:
The completion of their pre-deployment training leaves the men and women of the BRF well-prepared to deploy to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 18 over the coming weeks.
The core of the BRF is formed from soldiers of the Household Cavalry and 4th Battalion The Rifles, along with specialists from the Royal Military Police, the Royal Artillery, the Intelligence Corps, the Royal Corps of Signals and the Corps of Royal Engineers.
The BRF also has its own Desert Hawk and light electronic warfare teams.

Members of the 1st Mechanized Brigade Reconnaissance Force firing 60mm mortars during a night exercise on Salisbury Plain [Picture: Crown copyright]The exercise is the culmination of 6 months of arduous and comprehensive training undertaken by the BRF all over the UK. This preparation has included surveillance, reconnaissance and specialist weapon training.
The 10-day exercise has seen the BRF deploy both in their Jackal vehicles and by Chinook helicopter to conduct search missions to clear compounds filled with Afghan actors.
During Herrick 18 the BRF will be working to support the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), helping them to deliver security in Helmand.
Major Tom Armitage, Officer Commanding the BRF, said:
The final training exercise was an excellent culmination to our training and has proved the BRF to be ready to operate in Helmand supporting the ANSF. We are all looking forward to deploying in the next few weeks.

Commanded by a Major? Can't be much of a Force, can it??

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