News story: RAF squadron takes delivery of 100th Typhoon

Ministry of Defence said:
The unit, No 1 (Fighter) Squadron, which was reformed just 4 months ago at RAF Leuchars in Scotland, is now home to the 100th Typhoon to enter service.
Officer Commanding No 1 (Fighter) Squadron, Wing Commander Mark Flewin, said:
There can be no better example of the strides we are taking with regard to growing the Typhoon Force than the stand-up of 1 (Fighter) Squadron - we reformed as a Typhoon unit in September last year - and it is fantastic to have taken delivery of this brand new, milestone aircraft.
The RAF continues to move towards a combined fleet of Typhoon and Joint Strike Fighter jets, two of the world’s most modern and capable multi-role combat aircraft. The Joint Strike Fighter is a fifth-generation stealth aircraft which represents a step-change in the UK’s combat air capability.
Typhoon is already delivering air defence for the UK and the Falkland Islands, and its ground attack capabilities were instrumental to allied operations over Libya.

The 100th single-seat Typhoon emerges from the hangar at RAF Leuchars for its first training sortie [Picture: Corporal Dave Blackburn RAF, Crown Copyright/MOD 2013]Wing Commander Flewin continued:
There is a pleasing correlation for us in operating the RAF’s 100th operational Typhoon on 1 (Fighter) Squadron, during this our centenary year, the squadron having been originally formed back in 1912.
The squadron has already begun autonomous operations, and is supporting the Quick Reaction Alert mission here at Leuchars.
I have no doubt that this aircraft will be put to good use in supporting the standing task in addition to a busy exercise programme in 2013.
The MOD is to spend a total of £18 billion on combat aircraft over the next 10 years which includes continuing investment in Typhoon to bring the latest Tranche 2 and 3 aircraft fully into service.

The 100th single-seat Typhoon takes off from RAF Leuchars [Picture: Senior Aircraftman Matt Baker, Crown Copyright/MOD 2013]Further investment to develop and further enhance the aircraft’s multi-role and intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance surveillance capabilities is a priority for the future.
This latest delivery comes after the MOD signed a £25 million contract with Raytheon in December for more Paveway IV precision weapons for the RAF.
These weapons are to be carried by Tornados in Afghanistan and will also provide a key capability to be carried by the Typhoon and Lightning II (Joint Strike Fighter) aircraft. The contract will sustain around 450 jobs at Raytheon UK’s plants: 300 at Glenrothes in Scotland and 150 in Harlow, Essex.

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Cernunnos has just received a new sprocket set for his aging Triumph Bonneville, but the new chain has yet to tip up!


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ah so you are fully working then, fitted for but not with chain.

do they count the several cannabalised airframes in that 100 figure I wonder?


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you updating your mobility scooter again - have you tried a nos kit?
Is that sufficient quantities for them to fly at weekends, early mornings, evenings and when asked to do so by people on the ground getting shot at?

That would be lovely, thanks awfully


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I took delivery of a Helmet cover for my Mark 6 helmet last week. Switched it for a Mark 7 last year but it's nice to know I have that capability.

A reservist Army unit in the South West of England has recently taken delivery of six, Series 3 Landrover refurbishments as part of a multi pound deal with Withams.

This new fleet of vehicles will allow the reservists to undertake food runs on a Tuesday evening and also allow photo opportunities to take place, increasing an individuals perceived kudos on Facebook.
As stated above, would love to know how many of those airframes are currently airworthy.

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