News story: RAF Reaper pilots gain wings

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 2, 2013.

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  2. So someone explain to me why they still have to have officer pilots to do this?
  3. Glorified Desert Budgie Pilots.
  4. Look at me I failed flight school, but I get to wear wings that only slightly differ from someone how can actually fly an aircraft that he is sitting in and thus be exposed to the the risks. Look on the bright side I am still an officer and get all the perks that go with it (including god awful uniforms).

    Thanks RAF RSS you have made me laugh again.
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  5. Didn't the crabs train a shed load of officers only to sack them not long back? I guess some got a job ...
  6. They don't kill anybody though, if their 'zero casualties' advert is to be believed, so why have any in the first place?
  7. You couldn't make it up could you ?
  8. They also serve who sit and drink coffee.
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  9. I do wonder how the real pilots react to the only slightly different wings the fearless RPAS pilots wear, should make for good mess night entertainment.
  10. well I think up until now they wore the same one's (standing by to be corrected) saw a tubby little schoolboy-looking one at RAF leeming and he'd sewn his wings onto his DPM Combat Jacket, bless.
  11. As long as they don't get bloody flying pay...
  12. Sadly, I bet they do!
  13. Instead of punching out and ejecting, do they just go for a cup of coffee before pressing the RESET button and starting again.
  14. 1000 hrs FlightSim badges next?

    They're almost, almost a total waste of rations.