News story: Projectile management

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 17, 2013.

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  2. Does this approach also cover bedrooms in Hereford?
  3. I'm good at projectile vomiting but who let women in the Forces?

    Some spotter is going to come along now and tell us what empty cases they are.
  4. What are 'simunition' rounds? New for me... Are they an inert/training round that do not go bang? Or something else?
  5. I dunno. Let's get one, set fire to it and poke it with a stick. Can we throw a tortoise on there for fun?
  6. I did something like that some years ago with a blank round from a starter pistol. I found it on the school playing field the day after sports day. Being a responsible teen, I took it home, put it in the vice in the garage and tapped it with a 'nammer (I'm smart like that I am). Tap tap.. nothing.. Tap tap tap... nothing.. maybe a slightly heavier TA... well you know how it ends. Loud bang, confined space.. god my ears were ringing. But it was fun :)
  7. I suppose getting Officers to sort out range bookings and having soldiers just shooting all the surplus ammunition off until their marksmanship is really, really good would be a bit too obvious.
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  8. I *think* simmunition is like paintballs on steroids
  9. Bubbles Barker

    Could you give us an estimate for hiring a 747 to transport back all those ammo boxes...

    And there has also been a good deal of success in recovering and refurbishing used metal ammunition boxes rather than buying new ones, which saved MOD an estimated £13 million last year.

    Because I like the numbers but do not know where they come from...

  10. I do wish the muppets in the press office would employ the odd engineer, or at least get these stories proof read. Ammunition in an armoury rather than a magazine? Bullets instead of cartridges?
  11. At the risk of thread resurrection I can certainly give you a cost for the BFO ship that would have been used, or a chunk of international liner service. However, if you want a price for the C17 that they didn't come back on, that would be approx. £53K per hour on 2009 prices.
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