News story: Prime Minister's phone call with President Obama

Ministry of Defence said:
Following the telephone call, a Downing Street spokesperson said:
The Prime Minister (PM) and President Obama spoke this evening to discuss the response to last week’s chemical attack in Syria. The PM made clear that he strongly believes in the need for a tough and robust response to the appalling war crime committed by the Assad regime in Ghouta.
The PM explained that he wanted to build a consensual approach in Britain for our response and that the government had accepted the clear view of the House against British military action. President Obama said he fully respected the PM’s approach and that he had not yet taken a decision on the US response.
The President stressed his appreciation of his strong friendship with the Prime Minister and of the strength, durability and depth of the special relationship between our two countries. They agreed that their co-operation on international issues would continue in the future and both reiterated their determination to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict by bringing all sides together.

But unfortunately, after Tony in 2003 no fcuker will ever believe any Prime Minister again in such matters, ever.
That was a cnuts trick that can only be pulled once, without any evidence whatsoever.
There may well be loads of such in this case, but no one will ever look at it in the same light.
By the way, where is the esteemed Middle East Peace Envoy ?
A better line might have been "President to rescue British PM, but it will take a few days." I don't have time to catch up with all the threads on Syria, so apologies if these points have been made before. I watched Obama making his announcement about allowing Congress to debate military action, and thought that he had successfully kicked the problem into the long grass. Not only that, but no US President will ever be able to declare war again without asking Congress first. This is a watershed moment, because it sets a precedent. Later I deduced that Congress will have to agree to attack, assuming credible evidence about the use of gas in Syria is forthcoming. Putin can't accuse Obama of being a warmonger, and the British decision to have a parliamentary debate does not look so weak.

Obama is a great politician, certainly the best of the current crop. He takes his time with his decisions, which is just as well because he could destroy the world with one sentence. I feel safer with him in charge of America. If he had lost the election to the Republicans, a large part of the Muslim world might now be radioactive. It is his bad luck to have to face all the problems he has had, but it is our good luck that he is good at his job.

PS, don't worry Barry, I only admire your political astuteness, I am not one of your home grown nutters who wants to be you.

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