News story: PM holds talks with President Obama at start of US trip

Ministry of Defence said:
The PM wants to discuss how they can use the 17 to 18 June meeting at Lough Erne to help spur strong and sustainable global economic growth. He also wants to talk about the potential to launch negotiations for an EU-US trade deal during the summit.
[h=2]Promoting free trade[/h]Making the case for free trade in today’s Wall St Journal, the PM writes:
Trade is not a zero sum game where one nation’s success is another’s failure. Trade makes the cake bigger so everyone can benefit. Take the free trade area between Europe and the US on which we hope to launch negotiations when President Obama is in Northern Ireland for the G8 next month. This deal could add as much as £10 billion to the British economy and £63 billion to US GDP. But the rest of the world would benefit too, with gains that could generate 100 billion euros worldwide …
An EU-US deal is just one building block of a more dynamic world economy. If G8 countries complete all of their current trade deals and those in the pipeline, it could boost the income of the whole world by more than $1,000 billion.
[h=2]Fairer taxes and greater transparency[/h]The PM also wants action at the G8 to tackle tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance and to increase corporate and government transparency around the world:
I am meeting President Obama at the White House today to get America’s full support for this agenda. By promoting more trade, fairer taxes and greater transparency, Britain and America can once again lead the way in meeting the greatest challenge of our time: securing the growth and stability on which the prosperity of the whole world depends.
[h=2]The Syrian conflict and responding to terrorism[/h]The PM and President Obama will also discuss how to find a political solution in Syria.
The UK will continue its work to support the moderate opposition as a means of increasing pressure on the regime and the PM is keen to discuss how the UK and US can together help to establish a stronger and more credible opposition inside Syria.
He will also visit the FBI headquarters in Washington for a detailed briefing on their experience of responding to terrorist incidents.
The PM asked for the meeting in the wake of the Boston bombings to establish if there are any lessons that the UK can learn from the FBI’s handling of the attack.
Later in the day the PM will fly to Boston for further talks about how the US authorities responded to the Boston marathon attack.
On Tuesday, the PM travels on to New York for meetings of the UN High Level Panel on development goals.

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