News story: Plans for future Reserve Forces unveiled

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Promise 'em all you want - the TA is (and will remain for a long time) useless. How can someone, who has a largely civvy mentality, and who only trains the odd weekend and a two week summer camp a year compare to a full time professional soldier? I know you get good and bad on both sides - but for the main part the TA are bad.
  3. Must have missed where the TA were mobilised to save the UK in 2 World Wars, and even supplemented by never served no marks because the ARABS got it slightly wrong. Then again in recent... ahem... conflicts... the ARABs have not covered themselves in glory either really.

    I say chaps, we is well ard and can charge in and set up a PB... what happened next is well documented... Professionals... sure; professional at thinking their own PR is spot on...
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    Foolish comment of the day #1

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  5. They were on about this on Five Live today. The fact is that the TA are to supplement the Regs, not the other way round. I've had TA serve with me in the Gulf, Bosnia, and even on exercise over Salisbury Plain. No probs there. They were there to fill manpower gaps, not a permanent solution.

    And what employer is gonna release an employee for 6 months or more to play soldiers in whatever part of the world it kicks off next?