News story: P3 Statement on the situation in Libya

Ministry of Defence said:
We call on all Libyans to refrain from armed protest and violence during this difficult time in the democratic transition.
The Libyan people bravely fought and overthrew a dictator in order to ensure a stable, free, and prosperous future for themselves and their children in a country governed by the rule of law. As Libya manages this challenging transition, it is vital that the country’s institutions operate free from armed intimidation. Peaceful deliberation of legislation and Government decisions was unheard of under the Qadhafi regime, and is part of the honourable struggle for building a better society. The democratically elected representatives and leaders of the Libyan people must be able to carry out their duties and move forward with the constitution motivated by their responsibility to the Libyans who elected them rather than by the threat of force.
The international community is observing the country with concern during this critical time in the transition. We support Libya’s successful transition from ruthless dictatorship to democracy, stability and prosperity. This means respecting and supporting state institutions and their democratically elected leaders. Following the adoption by the GNC of the Political Isolation Law, we call on all Libyans to work together to realize the goals of the 17 February revolution and encourage the development of a democratic state that Qadhafi never permitted.
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As we aren't going to bomb them if they don't I'm not sure if they'll take much notice of a stiffly worded memo.

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