News story: Operational Honours and Awards List: April 2019

One absolute throbber in the Int Corps Tornado GR4 Force on there.

Well done to the rest of them though.
Edited for accuracy.

The tw@t.
Lt Col Craig Palmer, 50, received the Queen's Commendation for Bravery after he gathered vital evidence following the 2017 Parsons Green station attack.
"As soon as I smelt burning explosives I knew it was serious and that I wasn't going to turn my back on it," he said.
He was among several soldiers to receive honours.
Col Palmer, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, was on his daily rush-hour commute on the District Line in London when there was an explosion as the train pulled in to Parsons Green Underground station.
The married father-of-three, who is originally from Stockton-on-Tees, was two carriages away, but he pushed through screaming crowds towards the danger.
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Castlemartin incident.
And arguably more than that was deserved. They jumped onto a burning tank that was bombed up, with a very real chance of a secondary explosion, to throw in a fire extinguisher and attempt to save the blokes inside. Nails.


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Indeed. Where did you suffer them?
Are you talking about someone who used to have a much simpler name until it grew extra letters?

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