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News story: New Year Honours for service personnel and defence civilians 2015

As is Rank (retired).

The door Swings both ways.

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True - but we're on the subject of gongs - although I do take your point. That said, if you didn't leave as (at least) a Brigadier (and preferably with enough gallantry awards to justify a Torygraph obituary), then using your rank in Civvie Strasse is a little infra dig.
There is no conspiracy to keep the ORs down. The system rewards those who truly merit it - the reality is that just doing 22 years and becoming a competent operator and being good at the job you are well paid to do doesnt automatically mean you should get a gong for it.

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I recall a LCpl in R SIGNALS receiving an MBE in his 25th year of service (he was on continuance). Salt of the earth type, but the general view was the award was for contributing to the profits of the PRI via the JR's bar takings!

With exception to the bit in bold above, I'm with Jim30 on this - the opportunities for a junior rank/rating to go above and beyond the normal call of duty during routine service (as opposed to operational) is very limited.
As for the bit about 'those who truly merit it', let's be honest with ourselves. We all know examples of some truly shocking awards - celebrities don't hold the monopoly in that respect.
As always, however, I raise a glass to all those names in lights this time around - good effort. and enjoy your day out at the palace
This has been rattling around in my increasingly empty head. On the negative side, yes, I've seen MBE's doled out to (often) officers whose primary function has been to assure their 1RO that he is, truly, a reincarnation of Solomon in his wisdom and of Alexander in his military acumen. I've also seen some gongs dispensed to folk (often LE) whose main contribution has been to their hobby: playing and then managing the sports team of their choice and to those whose prominence at church has been evident in their dispensing psalters to the senior officer and wives present.

On the positive side, one (yes, he was an officer) colleague who, whilst running the O&D desk of a deployed operational headquarters was often found asleep at his desk having put in day, after day after day of bone-wearing graft. Or (and it's a SNCO for once) who picked up an MBE as an operational RQ (Yes, Stan, that was you.) Or the young RE officer who got his MBE for running the NI dive team, fishing bodies and Gawd-knows what else out of sewers and Loughs alike.

And there are the absurd: a chum who was notified that he'd been passed over on his last shout for promotion on a Friday, went in to work on the Saturday to collect something that he'd forgotten and whose boss, passing through the HQ was so deeply moved at seeing him at his desk and his evident dedication that he wrote him up so strongly that the MBE should really have been beatification. Or my favourite, an old friend who worked assiduously at getting his boys promoted, be-gonged and posted to good places, and was, so I am told, written up (so to speak) by his CSM, got the envelope telling him he'd picked up a gong and, ignoring the fact that it was delivered by the padre, opened it to utter the immortal words - worthy of an award in themselves - "feck me Padre, the stupid b'stards have only gone and given me some other sad fecker's MBE!"

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