News story: New Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

Ministry of Defence said:
The details of the succession today, Friday 10 May, were announced by the Secretary of State in January this year.
Air Chief Marshal Peach is the Chief of the Defence Staff’s deputy for operational matters and acts as the Chief Operating Officer for the Armed Forces element of Defence business. As a member of the Defence Board he is the lead for military personnel and training (including Reserves).
General Houghton assumes the role of Chief of the Defence Staff in July 2013
Air Chief Marshal Peach said:
It is a privilege to succeed General Houghton as Vice Chief of the Defence Staff. As the only military member of Lord Levene’s Defence Reform team, he has been instrumental in leading change across Defence and the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces. He is to be commended for the pivotal role he has played.
While success on operations will remain our key focus, we must continue to transform our Armed Forces to ensure that they remain the most relevant, effective and affordable fighting force in the World. There is more work to be done and I look forward to picking up the baton and doing my part to see through the changes.

Outgoing Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nicholas Houghton (left), hands over to Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach at the Ministry of Defence Main Building in London [Picture: Sergeant Jez Doak RAF, Crown copyright]Handing over his role, General Sir Nicholas Houghton said:
Over the past two years we have been implementing the most radical change programme in Defence for a generation. The delivery of Future Force 2020 depends on realising the benefits of the strong foundations that have been laid. Air Chief Marshal Peach is well placed to take this on, having taken the newly formed Joint Forces Command from a standing start just two years ago to full operational capability in April of this year. He is the right man for the job, and I look forward to working with him as my deputy when I take over as Chief of Defence Staff in July.

What matters is that both of them have the backbone to speak truth to power. Apparantly the reason Hammond was keen for Sir David Richards to depart was he spoke very direct truth to power. Lets hope neither of them are simply nodding donkeys.

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