News story: New veterans ID cards rolled out to service leavers

If I applies for one a them cards do it mean I got to wear them shitty "boots, DMS" again?
if so - fheck off even if it gets me 20% off at Harrods.

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being the tour dodging

considering that the WP and its supposed benefits have been around a lot longer then the NHS but as stated in the press release most GP and NHS organisations are only now becoming 'veteran aware' I dont hold much hope in things changing any time soon
I receive treatment for two life-limiting conditions spread across three NHS Trusts; my recent experience of returning from official duty overseas in September showed the absolute value of ensuring the staff knew my Service background and that working overseas was for HMG. I never have to wait and one trust has a dedicated veteran’ ‘go to’ point of contact, which I’ve not needed to use. As I’ve discussed on related threads, I manage my treatment directly with the consultants and their secretaries. I don’t go through my GP, who is copied into all the correspondence but admits she knows very little of the rare genetic condition I have, nor of the immunotherapy that I’m undergoing for Stage IV cancer. I do wonder if some/many veterans expect that the ‘system’ will magic up support using a crystal ball (learned helplessness) or - as I saw in Barts a month or two ago - a pissed up old tramp get very shorty and demand immediate attentions ‘cos he was a veteran (God-given entitlement).

My extensive experience with the NHS is that you make your luck through quiet, polite insistence - and the occasional box of chocolates for the medical secretary.
Is it going to be recognised Stateside?
I mean NYC is bloody expensive for attractions so if I can rock up at the front of the que at Top of the Rock with the family and get a discount from a greatful nation it works for me.


Not going to happen. The MOD can't be arrsed to trace all those still owed a pension, there not going to be bothered to find you for a bit of plastic.
It's a bit.....mongy...isn't it?


Hey guys... I know this question is a little off topic, but I couldn't find anywhere to put it really

I leave for P1 in a months time.... At what stage do you receive your personal identification number?

Many thanks

Still no EXACT date on when these are being rolled out to Vets, simply "by the end of 2019..." which is kind of coming up...

Also wouldn't it be nice if the forces railcard was a lifetime thing for those whom have been done say, 10 years?

Free bus travel would be a perk,?

Almost feels like compared to our US counterparts the love is nowhere near... thank you for your service...
Mine's getting a bit dog eared now, I could do with something to replace it. It gets me discount in a few places so I am happy.
You wore that bitch out over here, didn't you?

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