News story: New veterans ID cards rolled out to service leavers

If I applies for one a them cards do it mean I got to wear them shitty "boots, DMS" again?
if so - fheck off even if it gets me 20% off at Harrods.
being the tour dodging

considering that the WP and its supposed benefits have been around a lot longer then the NHS but as stated in the press release most GP and NHS organisations are only now becoming 'veteran aware' I dont hold much hope in things changing any time soon
I receive treatment for two life-limiting conditions spread across three NHS Trusts; my recent experience of returning from official duty overseas in September showed the absolute value of ensuring the staff knew my Service background and that working overseas was for HMG. I never have to wait and one trust has a dedicated veteran’ ‘go to’ point of contact, which I’ve not needed to use. As I’ve discussed on related threads, I manage my treatment directly with the consultants and their secretaries. I don’t go through my GP, who is copied into all the correspondence but admits she knows very little of the rare genetic condition I have, nor of the immunotherapy that I’m undergoing for Stage IV cancer. I do wonder if some/many veterans expect that the ‘system’ will magic up support using a crystal ball (learned helplessness) or - as I saw in Barts a month or two ago - a pissed up old tramp get very shorty and demand immediate attentions ‘cos he was a veteran (God-given entitlement).

My extensive experience with the NHS is that you make your luck through quiet, polite insistence - and the occasional box of chocolates for the medical secretary.
Is it going to be recognised Stateside?
I mean NYC is bloody expensive for attractions so if I can rock up at the front of the que at Top of the Rock with the family and get a discount from a greatful nation it works for me.

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