News story: New veterans ID cards rolled out to service leavers

I notice it has an expiry date, would one have to renew ones "veteranship" ? :grin:
I still have my {expired} MOD90, so don't need no steenkeen veterans card
enabling ex-service personnel in England, Scotland and Wales to access treatment where they have been affected by their service.
What exactly does this mean?
Does thin mean that there has been a large number of people trying to claim for services reserved for veterans for which they are not entitled, or just a sound bite and publicity stunt?

Stinks a little of "who will think of the children?"
Personnel leaving the armed forces are also able to keep their military IDs, known as the MOD Form 90, allowing them to maintain their emotional connection with their service.
Who makes this shit up? If you need the emotional crutch of your MoD90 when you demob, you’ve got bigger issues...


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It's not all bad. I got 20% off my double whopper meal using my defence services card today. Between Burger King, Wetherspoons and the Franklin Mint, I think the UK's finally getting to grips with this veterans thing.
Do those veterans who top themselves have to had in the I.D. card?
I still have my {expired} MOD90, so don't need no steenkeen veterans card
Mine's getting a bit dog eared now, I could do with something to replace it. It gets me discount in a few places so I am happy.
Do those veterans who top themselves have to had in the I.D. card?
Could you wait for a couple or three years?

After the covenant, and the strategy for veterans, the MoD will be ploughing several million into a working party to discuss this very issue.

Quarters will remain cold and damp in the mean time.

The MoD would like to thank you for your interest.
surely anyone receiving a WP should get one in the post rather then having to go through an application process, but I'm sceptical as I have yet to find anyone in the NHS that even knows about preferential treatment for service related health issues so I'm just going to give it a big pass as its probably not worth the plastic its printed on


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Well, it looks like we've finally got the thing that most of us never bothered / wanted / cared about after the usual ballyhoo by the Lumley public.

It's no bad thing in itself, and it would make using various services discounts easier because VETERAN CARD MATE, but otherwise meh. Personally, I've never used a single forces discount since leaving (other than the stuff I've wrangled on here!) because most of them are fairly shit anyway.

I also doubt I'd have the ability to walk into a high street shop and ask if they do 'Veterans discount' and whip that out. I have some pride! (not much)

For me, it just falls into the category of, it'll cater to those who have left but their ego is still in. In the clear pouch on their wallet left open on the pub bar, etc, etc.

Though I do wonder if you'll have to have done your AR for your FTRS etc, and if you've not responded, you don't get your card!

@dingerr @bill4725 Possibly it may refer to fast-tracking you for notification when in police custody / A&E / whatever where there's a process for signposting Veterans to support / addiction / charity groups, etc. I know it can take a bit of time to verify someone as being serving, so this at least would cut down the admin and wait time. That's all I can think of.

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