News story: New accommodation for Scottish naval base

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 23, 2013.

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  2. Yay! This means Alex Salmond will be packing his bags soon and moving to Cuba!
  3. Whenever I see an aerial photo of Faslane, I can't resist chuckling over this incident:

    Allegedly, CAPIC CLYDE's wife drew back the curtains at breakfast and remarked, "There's a submarine in our garden, dear" whereupon her husband retorted, "Don't be silly, woman!" (or words to that effect).

    Anyway, the newspapers were presented with a gift headline: Tiptoe through the Tulips
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  4. 'Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Donny Osmond'. so when did he give up his singing career?
  5. Dunservin, I am trying to find this elusive article, do you remember which newspaper this headline was from?

  6. Will there be hot water?
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  7. Or kettles?
  8. My source was the then CO of HMS Resolution's off-watch crew during a conversation in the WR at Faslane circa 1985. The story may well have been apocryphal.
  9. Don't be silly !

  10. Why, when it happened at Greenock?
  11. Thanks Dunservin. My Father-in-law tells this story pretty much verbatim so I hope there's some truth in it. I was hoping to find the article as a present for him.