News story: New accommodation for Scottish naval base

Ministry of Defence said:
The investment will provide new accommodation for personnel working and serving their country at the Faslane base, which is the largest employment site in Scotland, supporting 6,700 military and civilian jobs, increasing to 8,200 by 2022.
The new funding was revealed by the Defence Minister for International Security Strategy, Dr Andrew Murrison, during a visit to Scotland to meet defence stakeholders and take the salute at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. The announcement will increase the number of bed spaces on the Clyde base by around 600 to support its role as the home of the UK submarine fleet.

Aerial shot of HM Naval Base Clyde (library image) [Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Donny Osmond, Crown copyright]Dr Murrison said:
This new funding is a clear and visible sign of our commitment to Scotland and its continued vital role in the defence of the UK.
The total number of Armed Forces personnel in Scotland is increasing and I want to ensure that they get the best possible accommodation and facilities. These substantial investments could not be guaranteed under an independent Scotland so it is clear we are safer and more secure together as a United Kingdom.

A sailor moves into a newly-built accommodation block at HM Naval Base Clyde (library image) [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) T 'Tel' Boughton, Crown copyright]This investment in the base demonstrates the government’s commitment to Scotland and builds on a series of significant investments. These include £100 million to create new and improved Army accommodation and facilities across Scotland and £85 million for the development of RAF Lossiemouth. The funding is also in addition to the £140 million the Ministry of Defence spends on average maintaining the defence estate in Scotland.

Yay! This means Alex Salmond will be packing his bags soon and moving to Cuba!
Whenever I see an aerial photo of Faslane, I can't resist chuckling over this incident:

Wikipedia said:
...Following a refit in Portsmouth, Tiptoe went to the Firth of Clyde for working up, arriving on 10 January 1964, when she was ordered not to enter Gareloch due to dense fog. The boat was duly turned around and ran aground on a muddy bank. As the fog cleared it was realised the boat had run aground only 40 yards (37 m) opposite that of the house of the Royal Navy's Captain in Charge for the Clyde area, Captain G. D. Pound. Divers were sent out to assess damage, and after finding none, Tiptoe was refloated on the evening tide and pulled off the shore by two tugboats...
Allegedly, CAPIC CLYDE's wife drew back the curtains at breakfast and remarked, "There's a submarine in our garden, dear" whereupon her husband retorted, "Don't be silly, woman!" (or words to that effect).

Anyway, the newspapers were presented with a gift headline: Tiptoe through the Tulips
Will there be hot water?
Or kettles?
Thanks Dunservin. My Father-in-law tells this story pretty much verbatim so I hope there's some truth in it. I was hoping to find the article as a present for him.

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