News story: NATO appoints UK Officer Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe

Any particular reason?
DSACEUR and COS have always been UK / GE rotating. Then for some reason, it was decided that DSACEUR would always be a Brit and COS would be a German.

Unsure as to the reasoning. Gen Rupert Smith was DSACEUR when I was posted there, and he was replaced by a Navy 4* whose name escapes me, but he became COS. I think the last 4 or 5 have been Brits though.

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The vast majority of NATO positions are allocated to a particular nation; it makes things a lot easier to trawl for candidates if only one nation is involved. Can you imagine the political arguments that would ensue if the trawl was possible amongst different nations?
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Just look at the shenanigans for filling CMC and DGIMS.

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