News story: MOD reveals £160 billion plan to equip Armed Forces

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 31, 2013.

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  2. Tip: When farming out the contracts, use this line; "We want this, we want it to do that, we want it to be the best in the world, we want it by this date. Overdue, over budget, over whatever, you can stick it up your arse and we'll buy somebody elses".
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  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Tip, when farming our contracts give somebody the contract and then don't **** about with it. If you think you're going to need ashtrays in your little tankie, order ashtrays. Don't take it as a "cost saving" then ask for it later. It costs a **** of a lot more to add it in during the contract than at the start.
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  4. Call me cynical, but IIRC those are all programs that have been announced at least once before.

    I'd be more impressed if I saw some items relating to the defence estate including accommodation, barracks, and training facilities (including ranges).

    After losing the rotten boroughs vote the other day, Dave's pronouncements on future intent are rather irrelevant.
  5. It's all bullshit, bait put out by mandarins and MPs who have noticed a chill in the dining rooms and gentlemen's clubs of late, one of them even had to buy his own lunch!

    "Pay as you dine" may be a disaster, but "bribe as we dine" is and always was a winner!
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I ****ing wish. The procurement mandarins are so bloody scared of anything these days that I can't even buy them a coffee in abbey wood, let alone whisk the director off to a golf day. My handicap is suffering.
  7. 35.8 billion on submarines and the deterrent, including a total of seven Astute Class attack submarines and developing a replacement for Vanguard Class ballistic missile submarines;

    £18.5 billion on combat air, including Lightning II and Typhoon fast jets and unmanned aerial vehicles;

    £17.4 billion on ships, including Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, six new Type 45 destroyers and the development of the Type 26 Global Combat Ship;

    £13.9 billion on aircraft for air-to-air refuelling, passenger and heavy lift, such as Voyager and A400M;

    £12.3 billion on armoured fighting vehicles, including Warrior, Scout and other land equipment;

    £12.1 billion on helicopters, including Chinook, Apache, Puma and Wildcat; and

    £11.4 billion on weapons, for example, missiles, torpedoes and precision guided bombs.

    and less than £35.87p on service accommodation.
  8. Why are submarines and ships so expensive? They have been around longer than anything else (except men).

    And they are still welded and riveted steel.
  9. You pop off to sea in a riveted submarine if you want and I'll stay here holding your wallet and wench, you'll not be seeing them again. A ship's hull may be cheap, but some of the things that go "ping" are a tad on the very very expensive side, clue: they're made by BAe.
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  10. Always seems to me that MOD procurement was like a kid in a toyshop. Throw some money on the table then ask, "what can have for this mister" ?

    "Oh how about something a bit cheaper, and then we can have some more".

    Should see some real savings soon. Troops brought back from AFG, so less munitions used.

    Loads made redundant so less wages, less money spent on training etc.
  11. "Why are submarines and ships so expensive? They have been around longer than anything else (except men)."

    Wah shield on - the actual steel is cheap. The challenge is twofold - firstly its the weapon systems and electronics that are bloody expensive. You are essentially paying the big money for something that has situational awareness and which can float move and fight, rather than float, move and act as a target. Smaller ships are simples - look at something like a OPV, but the moment you want to do high end warfighting tasks, be prepared to spend a lot of money.
    Secondly, everyone cites the example of how bulk carriers or other ships are cheap - they are cheap for a reason - fundamentally they are a bunch of empty storage facilities welded in close proximity with a bit of accommodation, propulsion and life support attached. Add the requirement to work in a modern warfighitng environment, operate aircraft, absorb damage and keep fighting and also work away from home for 6 months with minimal access to host nation support, and the bill goes up quite considerably.

    Modern warships are probably the single most technologically challenging piece of military equipment in service today and there is a price tag associated with this.
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  12. No money to address the capability gap left by the Nimrod, sad times.
  13. On the subject of which,

    Who reckons the final prices will be £320 billion for half the kit? We wont be able to afford taht so we'll settle for £100 bill for about an 1/8th of the kit... which will be late, over complex and sh1t.
  14. And yet I seem to recall that the C17 was quoted at 200 million against an estimated 400 million for a Type 26. Very happy to be corrected on that.
  15. I think a few arrsers could come up with better and more usefull weapon systems, not me though i would just re-issue the god of all rifles

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