News story: London’s Signal Regiment meets Minister for Reserves

The 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment, has been teaching Minister for Reserves Julian Brazier about its reserve recruitment programme, and the important national contribution reservists have played over recent years, including during the flood relief effort, Olympic security and the G8 Summit.

Meeting Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Julian Picton QC, Mr Brazier was shown the recruitment set up, and heard from both recruiters and recruits who are currently on their way to becoming fully trained reservists.

As a former reservist himself, Mr Brazier was interested to meet officers and soldiers from across the Regiment’s squadrons, hearing about their reservist experience and why they had made the decision to join up.

Mr Brazier said:

Whether supporting flood relief efforts, providing critical security for the Olympics, or helping tackle Ebola, our reservists make a tremendous contribution to our national security.

And it’s important that we continue to build on their enthusiasm and talents, and recognise their vital role.

71 Signals, whose role is to provide a secure communications network to the UK during a time of natural disaster, took part in their first major exercise with their partner Regiment, 3 Signals, in Germany earlier this year.

This is an important part of the reserves training programme, ensuring that they are fully integrated with their regular counterparts.

Mr Brazier concluded:

By investing £1.8 billion in our reserve forces, fully integrating them with our regulars and ensuring that they receive the best training, equipment and support possible, we have clearly shown our commitment to our personnel and to those who want to join in the future.

I was especially impressed with the growth in the number of Officers and Soldiers in the unit.

If you are interested in a career in defence, please visit the armed forces websites:

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