News story: Libyan Armed Forces to be trained in UK

Ministry of Defence said:
In a written statement to Parliament earlier today, William Hague confirmed that the UK Armed Forces are to train their Libyan counterparts in basic infantry skills and leadership in order to help professionalise them and help them achieve peace and stability across their country. Courses will begin later this year.
The training will take place at a British Army site in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Members of the Libyan Armed Forces – all of whom will be vetted in advance for medical, physical and behavioural suitability – will be brought to the UK in a number of small groups for courses which are expected to last a minimum of 10 weeks. The Libyan government will pay the costs of the training.

Foreign Secretary William Hague answers questions from the media at the G8 foreign ministers' press conference on 11 April 2013 (library image) [Picture: Crown copyright]The training of Libyan Armed Forces personnel in the UK is part of a broader package of defence and security assistance developed with the US, France and Italy. This is aimed at supporting the Libyan government’s efforts to increase the effectiveness and capacity of its security and justice sector institutions, and to ensure the state’s monopoly on security.
As the Prime Minister announced at last month’s G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, in total more than 7,000 members of the Libyan Armed Forces will be trained by some G8 nations.
William Hague said:
The government firmly believes that a stable, open and democratic Libya contributing to wider regional stability and security is in the UK’s interest. That is why we are working closely with the US and other European countries to lead the broader international effort, co-ordinated by the UN Support Mission in Libya, to support Libya’s democratic transition and the Libyan authorities’ efforts to make visible improvements in public security in Libya.

British soldiers training on an assault course (library image) [Picture: Peter Davies, Crown copyright]The UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said:
The UK’s Armed Forces are recognised as being amongst the best in the world so it is no surprise that we are one of the countries Libya has turned to for this specialist training.
The UK provides world class defence training and education to many countries, creating lasting ties between our Armed Forces and enhancing their ability to work together towards regional security and stability.
Detailed planning remains ongoing and the UK government continues to work on the specific terms of its assistance with the Libyan government. Close engagement will also be conducted with local authorities and the Bassingbourn community in advance of the training commencing.



So there will be somebody else moaning about "Training in fecking Wales for operations in 50 degree heat, ffs!"


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Wales? Nope, Bassingbourn Barracks, Royston, Cambridgeshire. Nice and flat, if nothing else. Was Depot the Queen's Div for many years, and also the scene of the filming of the first half of Full Metal Jacket - Hoo Haa!

Seriously, are these chaps going to be 'real' Libyan Army? Is there a real Libyan Army? Will they fire AKs or what? Wil lthey be allowed out? They will want to go drinking and whoring - it's a natural Squaddy requirement - and attemptsto gate them will likely be futile, IMHO. And shall we start an ARRSE book on how many do a runner, and decide to stay over here and claim asylum?
Also used for filming Memphis Belle.
Why not train them in Libya?
Because the force protection package would need to be bigger than the training team. It is all a bit wild west there at the moment.
None of them will claim asylum, honest.


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There British Army trains soldiers from all over the world in the UK.

Is there anything done to prevent it?

Yes - mitigation us in place as far as possible, but if they want to claim asylum then nothing, absolutely nothing can prevent it.

It's their right.

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Wonder how much that sweetened the oil deal, if it get fuel prices down I dont mind.
Wonder how much that sweetened the oil deal, if it get fuel prices down I dont mind.
Any oil deal will have to be very preferential, as infrastructure needs massive cash injection to get to decent production levels, before you even look for any benefits.
Also doesn't help old last regime's EPSA-IV contract model for production sharing agreements is still in place. With increased security costs, makes Libya open season for east beasties and asians

Cheap fuel? Frack blackpool/lancashire. That'll be more of an opec killer


My understanding is that this is being conducted with other EU nations (doing training that is).

So is this an EUTM like Mali, Somalia etc?

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