News story: Innovative ways sought to improve the security of maritime operations

Ministry of Defence said:
The Royal Navy provides the main defence of the UK’s seas and overseas territories and ensures safe navigation, transport and trade in national and international waters.
The security of trade and other maritime operations is critical to UK interests around the world but can be threatened by international crime, which is increasingly using the same waters for unlawful activities such as the movement of people and weapons.
Maritime Constabulary Operations and Maritime Security Operations already use the full spectrum of tools available to the Royal Navy but some hostile activity can be difficult to detect in busy and congested waters where it is hard to identify and stop the few illegal operations out of the vast number of legitimate civilian activities.
More effective tools are now needed to strengthen the UK’s response and reduce the risks to trade and shipping.
The MOD’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), which is part of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), is seeking proof-of-concept research proposals from industry and academia to improve the security of maritime operations. Areas of interest include:
• the determination of unlawful activity at sea by developing breakthroughs in the way that activities such as piracy or the transportation of weapons can be detected when unlawful craft and lawful craft look very similar.
• the response to hostile activity at sea by developing new technology, and other solutions, that can provide a graduated range of responses, particularly non-lethal and non-destructive means, when interdicting craft that are carrying out unlawful activities.
• small arms accuracy at sea by developing new tools, such as effective training aids, that are representative of small arms operations on maritime platforms and can provide the feedback on marksmanship accuracy needed to develop performance.

A boarding team from HMS Montrose confiscates suspected pirates' gear in the Indian Ocean [Picture: Petty Officer (Photographer) Terry Seward, Crown Copyright/MOD 2010]David Sherburn, who leads the maritime research programme at Dstl, said:
It’s vitally important we reach out to industry and academia which have experience with equipment delivery, technology development and innovation to ensure we get the broadest and most coherent science and technology package of ideas and solutions for the front line commands.
CDE proves the value of novel, high-risk, high-potential-benefit research sourced from the broadest possible range of science and technology providers, including academia and small companies, to enable development of cost-effective capability advantage for UK Armed Forces and national security.
Successful proposals from a previous maritime-related CDE call, ‘Innovation in Technology for Unmanned Maritime Systems’, have been funded with academia and industry, including small and medium-sized enterprises.
These aim to demonstrate solutions for everything from novel technology for the safe and quick recovery of unmanned systems to technology that can reduce the drag of unmanned systems using micro vortex generators or autonomously power an unmanned system using the energy from ocean waves.
This latest call for proposals launched on Thursday 24 January 2013 and will close on Monday 25 February 2013 at 5:00pm. You can also register at for an online ‘webinar’ on 5 February to participate in a summary of the call and a Q&A session.

What total gash. Buy more T26, and deploy them, without ipods, but with the will to do harm to anyone who brings it upon themself by being thngs like, er, pirates.

And please resign so the money saved on your tripe issuance can be spent in a better manner. Just saying like...
Fund a bigger navy, and hang those pirates not killed in the initial skirmish. Spend the money I've just saved you on more navy and fewer consultants.
Leave the anti-piracy stuff to Fallschrimjäger and the other paid guns-for-hire out on the civvie boats.
They get to frag naughty skinnies for fun, the private sector helps stimulate the ex-forces market and the RN can go back to what ever they do, what ever that is???



Book Reviewer
Wait out. I shall stop laughing shortly, straights I will.

Let me get this straight. You are calling for proposals from technology providers, including academia and small companies to help you stop the smuggling job, yes? Like tech providers, scholars and SME's have ever shifted a cargo over a border / sea in the dead of night and under the guns of bad men who might try to steal the cargo. Right.

I should like to submit my CV.
Build twin hull vessels, they don't roll or pitch as much in rough seas, so can cover distance quicker and also provide a stable platform for firing SA.
Set adrift container ships crewed only by aids ridden monkeys, armed with hammers, with inviting rope ladders, covered in superglue at the top rung, hung over the side of the ships.


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Fund a bigger navy, and hang those pirates not killed in the initial skirmish. Spend the money I've just saved you on more navy and fewer consultants.
Bring back the death penalty for Pirates everywhere, it may put some of them off.
Is HMG asking for its own privateers again to help out the RN? The op could fit into 16th century Britain.
Bit likd that kids pirate film on sky .

... .... .. -


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how about privateer licenses again with a head bounty.

the do need to lay off the human rights bollox and ship them to diego garcia or even better east falkland or grytviken prison.
I think nowadays we should spell 'Navy' with a small n.


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Back in the days of the Spanish Main, the 'Golden Age Of Pirates' lasted a mere 7 years, mainly because they were hunted down and exterminated by the mighty navies of imperial powers (Britain foremost among them).

Is 'get a bigger navy, and hunt the bastards down' just too conventional?


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We have a winner. With no recourse to academia, tech-Co's or SME's.

Q Ships. Decoys.

You have a stinking old hulk buzzing about looking suspicious. If you want to give it some, paint KAKA in big letters on the front. Have the chaps in the Q ship fire off a few harmless rounds and ensure their Q ship contains nothing more than fishing gear and a couple of hand guns. The Q ship blips the radar of the big grey boat. Cue budgies, big lads in RIBs and all sorts. For hours.

Meanwhile MOMMA ship is poodling about her business 10 miles astern of the big grey boat in the opposite direction. She will carry a cargo of, ideally, dried fish but any fresh veg will do. She will also carry two big cages of well fed rats. For insurance purposes.

Q ships. Have a MoD consultancy gig that man.

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