News story: Gavin Williamson sets out vision for defence in Global Britain

AKA a gullible fool who has swallowed the navy's 'world power' position hook, line and anchor.
snip from article...

Two new Littoral Strike Groups are to be created. Complete with escorts, support vessels and helicopters, one would be based to the East of Suez in the Indo-Pacific and one based to the West of Suez in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic.

To compliment these groups, there will be a Warfighting Division with troops able to deploy from our bases at home and in Germany. This will all ensure we have a global force, capable of deploying around the world in a matter of days.

Where are they going to get it all from?.

My bold.
To be Commanded by our Senior Warfighter?

Good for a chuckle. Portillo and the SAS, anyone?

'As a longstanding military man, Gavin Williamson will have immediately seen it as a bit of a catch-22 situtation.

'You’re Gavin Williamson, you want to give a speech about how Britain is a great country and shouldn’t be afraid to bomb the s*** out of anyone. Trouble is, everyone watching you saying over and over again that Britain is a great country will also see that the man in charge of Britain’s armed forces is a former fireplace salesman who could not strike fear in to a bowl of Rice Krispies. Britain would be a great country if only Gavin Williamson got his way, but if Gavin Williamson got his way, Gavin Williamson would be in charge of it. So it wouldn’t be a great country at all.

'In fact, there’s a lot of this catch-22 stuff going around. For example: you want to get out of being prime minister because you’ve clearly gone insane. But if you’re sane enough to show you’re insane by making Gavin Williamson defence secretary, then you’re not insane after all.'

Gavin Williamson thinks Britain risks becoming a ‘paper tiger’. It’s worse than that. We’re a paper Gavin Williamson

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