News story: Foreign Secretary William Hague on the situation in Egypt

Ministry of Defence said:
In an interview yesterday, 19 August, the Foreign Secretary underlined the importance of maintaining dialogue with the Egyptian Government as part of the UK’s effort to promote democratic institutions and political dialogue and to support the people of Egypt whilst condemning violence. He said:
We’re very clear to them that we completely disapprove of and condemn the killing of protesters, just as we also condemn the actions of some opposed to the Government in attacking hospitals, in killing police and attacking churches. That will not win the support of the world either.
During the interview the Foreign Secretary also said:
We have to do our best to promote democratic institutions, to promote political dialogue and to keep faith with the majority of Egyptians who just want a free and stable and prosperous country.
In Britain so far we have suspended projects with the Egyptian security forces, we have revoked a number of export licences. I think then among the European countries we should review together how we try to aid Egypt, what aid and assistance we give to Egypt in the future.
We should be available to assist in the future, recognising that it is Egyptians ultimately who determine their own future.
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