News story: Foreign Secretary welcomes extension of UN mandate on Syria

Ministry of Defence said:
Commenting on the Human Rights Council adoption of a new resolution on Syria today, the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said:
I welcome the Human Rights Council’s adoption of a new resolution on Syria, and the overwhelming support it received from members of the Council. The deteriorating situation in Syria and worsening human rights violations and abuses deserve the strongest possible condemnation. More than 70,000 people have died and more than a million people have been displaced. The UN has labelled the situation in Syria as a level 3 humanitarian crisis, the worst humanitarian situation of the 21st century.
I welcome the Council’s decision to extend the mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry for 12 months. The Commission has our full and unwavering support. The evidence they are gathering will help ensure that all those responsible for human rights violations and abuses will be held to account.
I again call all on parties involved to put an end to the violence and pursue a process of genuine political transition to meet the legitimate demands of the Syrian people.
[h=3]Further Information[/h]41 Human Rights Council members voted in favour of the resolution.
Read the Foreign Secretary’s recent statement to Parliament on Syria
Read about the Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria


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