News story: Foreign Secretary re-affirms UK’s support for Falkland Islands

Ministry of Defence said:
Following the meeting, the Foreign Secretary said:
“I am delighted to have hosted members of the Falkland Islands Government in London today.”
“The Falkland Islands is a self-governing British Overseas Territory and a thriving democracy with a growing economy. Through nine generations the people of the Falklands have worked tirelessly to establish their position in the world and their voice deserves to be heard. With this in mind, I welcome their forthcoming referendum in March. This will be a chance for the people of the Falkland Islands to express their views about how they wish to be governed, and in a democratic and incontestable way without other people speaking for them. They have the British Government’s full support.”
“It is of course a shame that the Argentine Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman, was unwilling to join us for a conversation about the Falkland Islands. As I have said before there is no way such a conversation could have taken place without members of the Falkland Islands Government being present, especially given the current Argentine government’s behaviour towards the Islanders. It is, and must always be, for them to decide their own future.”
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