News story: Foreign Secretary marks second anniversary of Egyptian revolution

Ministry of Defence said:
Speaking the day before the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, the Foreign Secretary said:
“25 January 2013 marks two years since the Egyptian people took to the streets demanding the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime and calling for freedom and justice. Since that day, Egypt has seen momentous change in its political landscape, and made progress towards a democratic political system providing full transparency and accountability.
“In the last year, we have witnessed a peaceful handover to civilian rule and a democratically-elected President. We welcome the fact that the Egyptian people are now able to express their views more freely than ever before.
“Many challenges remain before the Egyptian people can fully attain the goals of their revolution. An inclusive political process - including free and fair parliamentary elections - and a review process for the Constitution will be the next important steps in consolidating the country’s political transition. These will help protect the rights and freedoms of all Egyptians. In addition, many economic challenges are still to be overcome. The UK is committed to helping strengthen democracy and fostering economic recovery in Egypt, and will remain a close and supportive friend of the Egyptian people.”

Breaking news...

Politician spouts meaningless shite about something or other in a far away country and stays away from anywhere dangerous...

No change there then.

He said that with Libya, now the bastards hate us! As will Egypt, and all those other sprung Arabs we helped.
We don't get it do we, they want our money and kit not our high minded sense of order and fair play.

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