News story: Foreign Secretary marks fourth anniversary of the Libyan Revolution

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

On the fourth anniversary of the 17 February Revolution, I pay tribute to those Libyans who lost their lives in pursuit of a better Libya. Efforts must continue to realise the aspirations of the revolution. The murder of Egyptian Coptic Christians by ISIL-affiliated extremists underlines the urgency of this work, and strengthens our determination to work with partners to counter the terrorist threat to Libya and the region.

The goals of the revolution will only be achieved through political dialogue that accommodates all parties in Libya. For this reason, I call upon all Libyans to support and engage with the efforts of the UN to bring about a lasting political settlement that is underpinned by a new constitution that enshrines human rights for all Libyan citizens.
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What a crock of sh*te...

Does Hammond really care about the Libyans???

I doubt it.

Because it all turned out well for stability and security in the region....
Sometimes you wake up and realise you've fucked a stinker, the best course of action is to sneak out quietly and hail a cab. Drawing attention to yourself would probably only make the situation worse.

Look at the pig he fucked. No wonder he isn't making any promises.

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I wonder if the women raped by the charming Libyan "officer cadets" at Bassingbourne are celebrating?

Honestly, one really has to wonder what planet some of these Spads come from.
I bet they're wishing Daffy was still running the gig. The perfect example of 'careful what you wish for'.

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