News story: Foreign Secretary: If Russia ends up in an economic war, it will lose

Responding to reports that ceasefire talks would take place between Russia and Ukraine later today, Philip Hammond said that the West would not be deterred from pursuing further sanctions against Russia:

Britain is clear that there cannot be a military solution to the conflict in Ukraine. Russia, which for many months has been covertly providing support to the so-called separatists, must meet its international obligations, go back across its own border, stop supplying missiles and artillery shells into Ukraine and enter into a proper dialogue with President Poroshenko about how the two countries will live in peace in the future.

We have delivered a careful calibrated and escalating response to the illegal activity coming from Russia. It is important to go ahead with the plans for increased sanctions, which will be discussed when the EU meets later today. If Russia ends up in an economic war, it will lose.

Of course if there is a plan and it is implemented then we can lift the sanctions off, but there is a great deal of scepticism as to whether this ceasefire is real.

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